Hi, My name is Keiran Freeman. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my website and give a little background as to what and where kidPlastic comes from, as well as what it means.

kidPlastic was the name of a band my dad was in when I was very young. The type of music they played would be hard to put a finger on because their sound walked the lines between Alternative Rock and Jazz/Blues influenced breakdowns, even deviating into punk-ish sounds given it's rise in their time of relevance in the late 90's and 2000's. I love their music, and whenever I come across it in my families storage of old music I still jam those tunes.

 Anywho, my dad was their vocalist as well as their album art designer, and the logo he came up with was this really cool vision of "kidPlastic" as this kind of kitchen-cutlery-wielding-ninja-super kid. The figure was definitely way too old to be me at the time, but as I got older I kind of grew into a weird kind of resemblance.

 kidPlastic the Rock Band fell apart in 2001/'02 because of, well, band stuff. However, my dad kept making this design, and eventually started drawing me as child into these hockey pad-warrior outfits wielding home made great-swords and sauce pan shields. When I started making music I felt like it was only right to don my proverbial hockey pad armor and take up the kidPlastic name, as it kind of felt like it was mine to take. That same ideology kind of fell into the consistency kept between my musical and artistic production, and really it's become a basis of paradigm for myself. The name kidPlastic reminds me of the importance of staying engaged with being expressive, to stay inspired, and to appreciate not only my own creativity, but also the creativity of those in the community I am a part of.